River Story Awards

The Awards recognise two inspirational river stories – examples of a community or an individual working hard to restore the health of their local river or stream. There are many great stories out there. Some groups are engaged in monitoring water quality and biological diversity while others focus on replanting stream banks and restoring fish habitats, or increasing community access to local water ways.

The Foundation chose the winners of these Awards. For the inaugural Awards ceremony we looked for groups that stood out in terms of their ongoing commitment to local streams and rivers; the application of science to their work; the extent of their collaboration with others; the obstacles they overcame and what they are achieving.

By recognising two river stories each year we are aiming to spread the message that individuals and community groups can make a difference and by highlighting their stories we hope they will inspire others to focus on restoring an important part of their local environment.

In the coming year we will be searching for more River Stories to celebrate at future Awards ceremonies and we encourage community groups to contact us with their stories.

The 2013 winners were the Silverstream Care Group and the Sherry River Community.